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Raganelli's Story


Patrick MacCrone (Chief Pizza Czar) was raised in the Santa Cruz, California known not only for its epic surfing but also proximity to the freshest agricultural areas in the United States. “I remember after a great surf session, my friend Jim and I would walk through this brussel sprout field and pick sprouts right off the stalk, so fresh is what I’m all about."  Patrick’s parents were both accomplished in the kitchen - always cooking, trying new spices and recipes. This is where he learned to love the kitchen and creating incredible dishes. “I’m no chef! But if you give me the freshest ingredients and a team of great minds, I will give you the best pizza you have ever tasted.” With this concept, Raganelli’s Pizza was founded in 2011.“I wanted to give the due respect to my Great Grandparents Vito Raganelli and Maria Moretti. They came from Bari, Italy – through Ellis Island via Chicago and set roots in San Francisco.” After living in the heart of "The City" for several years and having the opportunity of tasting dozens of cuisines Patrick took these flavors and created the menu at Raganelli’s. He is fortunate to have two wonderful children, Georgia and Elliott,  work by his side occasionally.

Bella Cucina

Our story begins in Bari Italy.  Vito Raganelli and Maria Moretti boarded a boat destine for a new future.  After days at sea they got their first glimpse of a promising life, the land of the free and old Liberty herself.  Starting their new lives in Ellis Island, Vito and Maria made their plans for family.  They moved to Chicago, then finally settling in San Francisco.  The Bay Area became home and the beginning of a loving family.  Vito and Maria had a love and passion for great food.

Raganelli's was opened in Tumalo in 2011 and relocated to the Eastside of Bend five years later.  We use fresh ingredients and make our dough daily from scratch because, like Vito and Maria, we believe if you are going to do something, do it right.  You will find their love and family bond here at Raganelli’s.  We honor our family by offering the best pizza, sandwiches, calzones and craft beers around.  So if you want old world love, the best pizza from here to Bari Italy and great company, Raganelli’s is your place! We look forward to meeting you, stop in and say “ciao!”

Patrick MacCrone - Owner


Take a minute to read about Raganelli's. Our family has a long history of great food coming straight from Italy.



Phone:  541-647-2343

Sorry, we do not deliver
at this time.


No email orders please!



Six days a week

11:00 am - 8:00 pm

(Last Order @ 7:30)

Closed Sundays

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